The Selling Process

It is time to sell, especially in the San Jose, Evergreen area. There is a shortage of homes for sale in the Evergreen High School District. If you have been on the fence about selling your property, it is now safe.

Not sure what the “selling process is?” Here it is in its simplest form:

  1. Prepare your home
  2. Determine how much your home is worth
  3. Prepare the paperwork, pictures, flyers, then list
  4. Show and take in offers
  5. Decide on and accept an offer or counter them
  6. Inspections and renegotiate the price if necessary
  7. Sign papers (paperwork shuffle) and open escrow
  8. Close and move out

Yes, each step in the process can be broken down much further. And Yes, experience matters. I can help walk you through the whole process.
Let me help you sell your home!

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