Termite Inspections

A vital part of buying or selling a home is the termite inspection. Of the three major inspections (home, roof, termite), at the very least all buyers are advised to get the termite inspection done. Every professional real estate will tell you this. Sellers should be aware of this as well. The reason why the termite inspection is so important is because it helps reveal the home’s defects (if any) that are not visible to the normal eye. As a seller you should recognize that a well-inspected property will keep you out of trouble (i.e. after closing disputes or legal ramifications.)

Finding a good inspector is an important but necessary chore that must be done right. When searching for termite services, may it be in San Jose or any location, you should remember these tips:

  • Some companies only fumigate, spray, and treat. Meaning they will not do contractor work (i.e. fixing of damaged wood.)
  • If you know in advance that you’ll need more than a report. Ask to see if the companies will bundle your report in to the total for a lower cost.
  • Do your share and meet them at the property, whether your agent is there or not. Educate yourself, it’ll only help you. Inspectors don’t mind educating home buyers/sellers on their findings. Have them explain the difference in Section I and II termite damage.

Real estate agents are a good place to start for references, but you can also check with:

  • Your local contractors
  • Your city’s licensing department
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Or even Yelp!

Remember to not just get one quote, get a few. It’ll work to your advantage, most of the time the competing bids get lower and lower. Don’t simply go with the lowest bid, you want the job done right!